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Our Story

Established in 1989, Crémerie Meu Meu has been an iconic presence on St-Denis Street since its inception. Following the retirement of the original owner in 2023, a group of dedicated employees assumed the mantle, inheriting the legacy of 33 years devoted to crafting exceptional, high-quality ice cream.


As an iconic institution in the Montreal community, Meu Meu remains committed to upholding the tradition of producing the cherished ice cream that has garnered enduring support among Montrealers. With an unwavering commitment to the original recipe and the utilization of the same natural ingredients that contributed to its initial success, we strive to perpetuate the brand's legacy.


Our dedication extends to the relentless pursuit of creating premium frozen treats, featuring innovative flavors that resonate with the tastes of our customers. The production process remains rooted in the use of locally sourced milk and cream, organic cane sugar, and pasteurized egg yolks. Whether infused with real vanilla beans, Dutch chocolate, or authentic fruits, our flavors stand out for their reliance on only the highest quality ingredients.


Noteworthy is our steadfast commitment to purity, as evidenced by our deliberate avoidance of food coloring, additives, or stabilizers. This uncompromising stance ensures that our ice cream stands as a beacon of unparalleled quality in the market. We take immense pride in delivering a superlative experience to our customers, underpinned by our unwavering dedication to excellence.

Meu-Meu and Staff
Ice cream tubs
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